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Just listened to the last broadcast, this morning. Two questions:

1) Are there specific corporate entities that you expect, or even reasonably anticipate, would hand your organization sums in five figures, let alone six (I'm not asking for company names. I know you want to keep that quiet)?

2) How do you intend to drive illegal aliens out of certain areas in California? By what method(s)?
Actually, there is a thread started in regards to driving out the illegals, but it was begun in a section of the forum not visible to all, and now it stubbornly refuses to let the parameters be changed otherwise. I'll work on that this weekend.

As far as specific corporate entities donating five committment, but there is a plan by which it might become enticing for them to do so, but not cash per se; at least not to start. We'll be asking for donations of tangible property that they might otherwise sell for negligible sums, or give away to some undeserving person or entity.
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