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About here is when things turned on us. Although the access was not terribly good, it was open and people came by and looked at the memorial. After the mexicans started unloading and setting up for the show, the state department of general services came over and began closing the access off to us. Interestingly, they closed off access to the police memorial on the left side, but left open the mexican american war monument on the right. Later we saw why. The mexicans came over for a little photo op at that memorial.
I intercepted the DGS people and told them we had a permitted event here, and access needed to remain open. He somewhat accused me of cutting the zip ties in the barricades, which I never did, and said that CHP told them to seal us off. Later, the CHP permit officer said he would keep one avenue open, but within thirty minutes, that too was sealed, and several CHP stood by it. At this time, Robin Hvidston of California's Crusaders arrived and had to argue to get in. She told them there were two events here today, not just the mexicans. They let her in and closed it off again.

State groundskeepers seal off our event

Police presence ramps up all around us

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