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Default Urban Rifle Hike III

Coming Saturday, August 25th, 2012 Urban Rifle Hike III

Each year SOS has held an urban rifle hike, a 10 mile hike through the city of Rancho Cordova, and the urbanized portion of County of Sacramento with an unloaded rifle or shotgun in a sling on our way to the shooting range at Cordova shooting center.
This hike is meant to educate Californians about their second amendment rights, California's gun laws, gun safety, and locations they can shoot legally. It also prepares hikers for hunting season which is upon us directly.

The hike will begin from Bradshaw Road near Hwy 50 in Sacramento, and continue on to Folsom Blvd. The hike will start at 10:30 am and finish approximately 2.5 hours later at the Cordova shooting center. Rides will be provided for the return trip after a couple or more hours of shooting time at the center.

All guns must be unloaded, but you may bring ammunition carried separately. Guns should be carried in slings or similar devices.

All law enforcement agencies will be advised of this hike beforehand for our safety, and so that law enforcement can inform people who call them that this is a lawful exercise. Education is among our primary goals

Those wishing to come can contact us via email at:
Or you can post in this thread

For information on past Urban Rifle Hikes, visit this thread:

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