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Forgot these too:

Our first real crop of Loquats. Last year we got about 1 dozen of them, because this tree's pretty young. It was planted some years ago when the in-laws gifted it to us. this year we got about 350 loquats. I always ate these as a kid, but liked them best before they were real ripe. Always liked a tangy bite to fruits. I did use some of these as spice for some salmon we ate this week.

Also, a bumper crop of lemons. I've been juicing them by the hundreds. Then strain the juice and pour it into one of those old ice trays with the long lever on the top. they make the biggest cubes. We been freezing up zip-lock baggies full and sticking them in the bottom of the freezer for summer and beyond. Also, my wife's been making lemonade.

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