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Originally Posted by Kathy63 View Post
It sounds like the orthodox Jews in Israel isn't going to let an immigrant tell them what to do.

Which is as it should be.

Applying the word "democracy" to Israel and expecting it to be secular is pretty silly. Israel was created to be a homeland for Jews. The national religion is Judaism. This has nothing whatsoever with democracy which is a political process. Other religions are permitted to exist in Israel in peace which does not mean those religions have to be or are officially recognized. This is all ridiculous. If this woman does not like the majority's religion she can come back to America. She might be a tad too traditional for liberal Jews, but there are all kinds of Jews she just has to move to the right neighborhood.
Kinda funny how they bitch and whine about what they allege to have happened in germany, but then they commit genocide and ethnically cleanse people who they took land away from at gunpoint ... do two wrongs make a right? do two genocides give crying mothers their dead sons back?
it's funny how those most aggresive of neo-con warhawks, refuse to acknowledge the war of invasion at our border. It almost seems as if they're worried about defending an entirely different country than our own.
it's time to put America first.


Arizona has spoken. Will America listen?
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