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I've been defamed! Well, either I have or Dan Amato (DiggersRealm) has,

During our event at the State Capitol, one Lilly Fuentes interviewed us and snapped a pic. I ran a search for it using my usual robotics, but nothing turned up, so I just chalked it up to the usual liberal media not wanting to give any press to immigration law enforcement proponents. But as it were, the robot failed because I searched for my name, Troy's name, and SOS. We were in the paper though, but under Digger's name, Dan Amato.

Couldn't tell you why; His name never came up in conversation, nor was it on any of our printed media. Musta bin sum stoopid airor or intentional diversion.

In any case, One or both of us will have to live with the shame of being identified as the other. Click on the pic for caption:
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