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It's wonderful that there is someone like yourself who takes the time to consider being active and puts it out there and this post is not directed to those who are willing to go forward. I wish we had many more like you. I've posted suggestions of protests and rallies that others have said they'd like to see happen, but not one other person responded that they would attend.

I would LOVE TO ORGANIZE SOMETHING!!!! But, unless there is a commitment by others to actually attend, and not just reply that they're busy that day or live too far, I will not waste my time. I've done that and been there and it's not fun being surrounded by other who want to do you harm and no real back up.

If those of you who are actually serious about doing some activism in So. Cal will really show up, PM me and I promise if there's more than I can count on one hand I'll organize something. SOS is known for its activism and it should continue, but that takes commitment and not just a whim by some when they feel in the mood.
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