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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
As part of the Partners In Propriety program, SOS will begin contacting a few entities up here where the program will begin. There are several opportunities, but one I'd like to revisit is our old stomping grounds so-to-speak, Home Depot. The agenda would be something like this. We contact several above board labor providers that will work with us by being an instant on-call replacement for day labor. We set up a spot near the day laborers with signs advertising the insured, documented, available services of the companies that partner with us. We contact the individuals or businesses that hire as they come in by asking them if they would like a safe, legal, and above board labor alternative. We give business cards of the company we partner with, and even make a phone call to get the thing rolling for them.

Where we set up, we'll have a banner made that shows our program name and SOS's name. My thinking is that this will give home depot and the local authorities less reason to be opposing us. It will also marginalize the day laborers themselves because we will be pointing out the need for proper hiring practices more than we will the whole illegals thing, and how it will benefit the whole community, including that of businesses. We will first ask HD to partner with us as well, but we'll have to have our other partners in place first. I'll be contacting labor ready and a couple others next week to start

Might sound a bit corny at first, but we need to try something new.
I like the idea of providing an alternative to illegal labor.

Are you speaking of something like temporary services like manpower and such which take a cut of the wages in return for providing a job?

The attraction of illegal day labor is the cheap labor (stating the obvious) paid under the table to evade legally required employer costs, such as workers comp. The insurance companies are forcing quite a bit of stuff which is frankly quite stupid on legal employers in a bid to reduce injury and other claims, which increase costs.

However, those who hire day labor are taking a gamble, there is probably not a male Mexican national alive who will tell a prospective employer he doesn't know how to do a particular job. There's lots of schlock work done by foreign nationals working for contractors, I assume a lot of it has to do with who will screw it up the least - but the key for most is cheap.

So, there will probably need to be tactful education of the public on this part as well as the fallacy that the most desirable labor is the cheapest, and alternative labor to illegal day labor will need to be skilled and conscientious for whatever job they are sent out on.
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