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Too much has turned into issues of race. Those yelling "go back to Mexico" are only egging on the "go back to Europe" crap, and it escalates from there.

Those guys with Mexican flags aren't Mexicans, they've been told by the schools, "Latino activists" and in many cases, by their parents that they are. The guy wearing the I'm not illegal" t-shirt, maybe the thought concerning him should be "cool". You have to consider that the media that's reaching those guys stir it all up.

A brown friend of mine asked me the other day what I thought of Trump. Without supporting or bagging on Trump, I explained why Trump and Sanders are the phenomena they are. He replied that he thought that Trump is a racist, that the guys he sees on TV around Trump look like white supremacists. I explained that those guys around Trump are government employees, they are secret service employees that also protect Obama, and that assholes like David Duke like to push themselves into places where their ideology isn't welcome. He looked doubtful, but that's the low information citizen syndrome, he doesn't know the difference.

Last Christmas, at the family gathering, There were only two white people there, me being half of that equation. One of the non whites, son of the best woman friend I've ever had, the woman who's lived in my house for many years, perhaps assuming I'm a Trump supporter, got right next to being in my face informing me in angry tones that Trump won't win the election. My thought was, "instead of being pissed at me you should be happy that Trump isn't going to make it".

It's really hard when everyone is operating off emotion rather than reason. Everyone needs to dump the race thing, Just think, without the victimization gig those guys with the Mexican flags have pushed on them, their ancestors could just as well have been Irish, Italian, Polish, or even English as Latin Americans. And, just think, they have European ancestors too.

Maybe someone could have turned the situation around to where the rally crashers were perceived by passersby as waving Mexican flags for Trump.
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