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The Taser is about the closest thing we have right now to a phaser set on stun. As far as we know, it's nonlethal. Although some people have died after being shot with a Taser, most of them have had other problems which contributed to or caused their deaths. Taser has created a shotgun round which can incapacitate a target from a longer distance, and there are military Tasers meant to subdue larger numbers of people. I took part in Taser's research program where they hit me with the voltage from a shotgun round for 15 seconds instead of the normal 5 seconds. I was completely incapacitated and yet recovered almost immediately with no lasting effects. It's a very efficient device.

Here's a concept for a gun that fires two ultraviolet laser beams that carry electric current through the air to the target. The current would flow between the points where the beams hit the target. Theoretically it could work over much longer distances than the Taser.
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