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Default Mobile Billboard Addition

A good samaritan gave us an addition to be used on the mobile billboard.

He made a banner that has our website printed on it to stick on in one piece! This is quite a relief for me, because I previously had to stick the individual letters on, one by one, just like the messages above it. Having it stuck on in one quick movement each time will cut down the time it takes to letter the billboard each time it goes out, which will likely result in more use of the billboard for our events.
I met this guy during the local US Loan Auditors protests, and he returned the favor by making the banner.

We need a couple of things more if anyone else is so inclined. We are out of black lettering material and getting low on some letters. We need another roll of black, and we could also use a roll of blue, which we never had.
The rolls cost about 160.00 each, plus shipping from southern CA. If there are any more good samaritans out there, I could send the address where the rolls can be bought down there, and we could arrange some shipping after.
the weather will be turning nicer soon, and that means good outdoor events.

contact me at
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