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So by not sticking to what you're told, be it right or wrong, that's considered going rogue I guess. I am just amazed to the lengths that some will go to promote ONE person. Think about it, these guys, Jeff, Gheen, Chelene and their associates will just keep badmouthing others in the movement over one person. Do you see any of the openborders crowd doing this? No they are more concerned with getting their agenda pushed forward. And to say that we are on a "money making agenda" I can only assume that they are concerned that we might cut into their donations. What a line of crap.

What is really comical is the fact that Chelene doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of getting anywhere. But these guys would rather work at trying create problems for us for such a stupid campaign. Where are their heads? They are acting like high school kids voting for the prom queen.

These people can hardly get along with each other most of the time, yet they imply that everyone else is a problem.

I spent many hours with Chelene, MANY. And I was with the old SOS shortly after Chelene came on the scene and was there at the end. What Jeff is stating is just a bunch of bs. Chelene lied to me over stuff that where there was no reason to lie. It was said just to make her look better than what was the real truth. Chelenes not the worst of people, but she's certainly not the best. It's all a show with her and these guys are falling for it. Wouldn't be the first time people have gotten fooled. But to go to the lengths that they are going, to actually try to do damage to the cause is unforgivable. What makes theses people tic?

The old org hadn't "run its coarse" it was gutted by Chelene. I was there and I saw it. I started to notice if well over a year ago and started mentioning it. Some of Chelenes lapdogs got on me about say anything about it or bringing it to the members attention. That was right about the time she got the 'coalition' together. That move was to hide the fact that the membership had stopped supporting her and no SOS members were showing up to any of the events. Who was showing up was CCIR and the other orgs, but not SOS members.
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