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Default SOS Bulletin: Email in Circulation About Save Our State

The following email is currently making the rounds within immigration law enforcement / border security groups. I'm posting it here because, as you may know by now, I am a full disclosure type of person, and believe it's good policy to keep the organization's business in full view of everyone so they can make informed decisions, even if the news does not reflect well on myself or the organization. That said, here is what is making the rounds, and I'll offer a slight explanation after you read it.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jeff Schwilk <>
Date: Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 7:31 PM
Subject: Patriot Warning: New "Save Our State" Group is a Fraud


Many Patriots in California received the below deceptive email this morning from independent activist Davi Rodrigues. Here are some facts you should know before you think about joining his new group which is now falsely using the SOS name.

Save Our State, the very successful activist group founded in 2005 and owned by Joe Turner shut down last month. The group had run its course. The website, also went off line.

A former member who went rogue earlier this year and was kicked out of SOS for his destructive behavior, Davi Rodrigues in Sacramento, has stolen the name of the group and is now claiming to be in charge of SOS; he is not.

Davi has been on a personal Jihad against our popular candidate for governor, Chelene Nightingale since she announced her candidacy in July. Chelene left SOS in May to prepare for her campaign. His vicious attacks and lies against her are nothing short of treasonous. He may be working for La Raza or the GOP to smear her campaign "from the inside". He is urging his "followers" to attack and sabotage her campaign and bash her in internet forums and message boards. Warnings to him to cease and desist his vicious attacks have been ignored.

If you choose to join this group, just know that this is NOT Save Our State. It is a copy cat run by Davi and other outcasts from our mainstream movement. His group is NOT part of the - 25 united mainstream Patriot groups in SoCal.

Unfortunately, there are several leaders and personalities who have gone rogue (and not in the good Sarah Palin way) over the past few years and now spend much of their time attacking the successful mainstream groups and leaders. Whether out of jealousy or just bitterness and pettiness, they spread malicious, harmful lies and hate about good Patriots. We have created a webpage just to warn the public about these individuals. Please be very cautious when associating with these individuals who have a history of destructive behavior in our movement.
Patriot Warnings:

Beware of false and dangerous leaders in groups pretending to be part of our very successful secure borders movement. Most of them have their own selfish and money-making agendas.

- Jeff Schwilk, SDMM

OK then. Just so you know, this corporation was not stolen. I'm certain that if it was, I'd be under arrest by now. Neither is SOS a fraud. I worked very carefully when filing the documents, and in keeping with my full disclosure policy, posted them on for all to see. These are official documents from the State of California, and I would not risk publicizing fraudulent documents, so we are not falsely using the SOS name. Neither are we engaged in a selfish money making scheme. We are still not soliciting for money.
Much of this other commentary is just so much puffery by someone trying to force their misguided opinions on the readers as gospel, so it wouldn't be time well spent hashing it out, however there might be some truth to the bitterness claim, as I am certain I have admitted to that before.
The author of this piece, Jeff Schwilk, I used to have some respect for due to his documented street activism, however I have also come to the conclusion he is an excitable boy. I am still exhibiting restraint in his case, mainly because I know he is being influenced by Nightingale, and I understand the effect she can have on people. So any response made in regards to his email will be limited and hopefully unprovoking. I must take some of the blame for the root of this though, and to show you why, I've published an email I have been sending to former members in an effort to encourage them to return to the goup of us. After you read my solicitation, I'll explain again why:

From: Davi Rodrigues < >
Sent: Wed, November 18, 2009 1:04:00 AM
Subject: Save Our State Rises again

Greetings Former SOS Members,

If you have been away from Save Our State for awhile, you may not be aware of major changes. Save Our State is now under new management and corporate direction, as well as our forums being relocated to, instead of .org. You can follow this link to find us:

Save Our State has been re-incorporated as a non-profit 501C3 California corporation, and we are in the process of naming new corporate officers as well as choosing new organization managers and an advisory board to guide them. Due to many complaints and disputes arising from her previous management of Save Our State, the corporation will no longer be associated with Chelene Nightingale. We look forward to welcoming former members back, and extend our apologies to those who may feel they were affected negatively or treated unfairly during the period in which she was managing director. In the future, we will adhere to higher principles and follow written policies and procedures in regards to the supporters and associates that use our services and attend our events. One such service was the use of our forum which you may re-register on by following this link:

If you have any problems registering, please feel free to reply to this email, and someone will assist you. Once registered, we hope your experience with Save Our State in its' improved form will be a positive one that will propel your activism and increase the impact you have on the issues that brought us all together originally.


Davi Rodrigues
Save Our State
Ok, so one of the issues, if not the main one, that likely inspired Schwilk's email campaign was the statement regarding Nightingale. I made that in specific because many people I had contacted informally in an effort to get them to register and join us, stated that they did not feel up to being harrassed by Nightingale for their outside associations, threatened with expulsion for having an opposing opinion on the forums, or being ridiculed about the political party or candidates they chose. Others had less common complaints or fears, but in general enough people thought she would still be in a position to continue whatever it was that alienated them from the group that they weren't easily convinced by mere spoken words that this was not the case. So I put it in writing: Nightingale is out. She cannot administrate, moderate, or demand someone else do so on her behalf. She cannot ban people from this group or forum; She holds no power over anything here whatsoever. I don't think that even writing that is enough proof for some, so I can only hope that the passing of a little time along with the deeds we perform without any hint of her involvement will convince them.
Now I am aware that some people still place a higher value on Nightingales worth to the world, and would, as well as have, willingly traded handfulls of good activists up to the hundreds for just one nightingale. I have come to recognize that as ghastly arithmetic, and have voluntarily risked whatever personal capital I have left in my reputation to reverse that plan. It has always been the body of SOS members that made the events and organization great and powerful. It was when they were belittled, dismissed, and dictated to by someone who was in pursuit of personal satisfactions and goals, that they retracted that power and the organization contracted and became nearly powerless. I hope and pray for the return of all faithful activists. If our effort here comes to failure, we will have ventured and lost little, mainly because had we not, the previous management were sneakily planning to shut SOS down anyway. We don't have to waste time proving them wrong or right. We can prove them meaningless though, by just doing what we originally meant to do that brought us all together in the first place.

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