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There is another thread about picking up illegal alien trash at the border.

The should have been in Santa Clarita yesterday to pick up the illegal alien trash shown in your video.

Years ago there was a futuristic movie entitled Soylent Green, staring Charleton Heston and Edward G. Robinson. The theme was industrial poisoning of the planet and destruction of the food chain by industrial waste, global warming, blah, blah, blah. It turns out that "Soylent Green", a synthetic food, is manufactured out of people. (Yeah...think about that when you're standing in line at your Taco stand. Did Pedro tie one on the night before and slip on a greasy spot on the floor coming into work the next morning and fall into the meat processing machine before punching in? )

Well people are rioting because of food shortages, and some one yells out "The Scoops!! They're sending the scoops!"""

Well these big skip loaders pull up and scoop the rowdy mob into big bins and take them away. Now that's one way we could deal with illegals. Just scoop 'em up and ship them to a large industrial plant that transforms them into food... We could ship it to Haiti or something.

Also there was a minor cult movie called Eating Raoul, a Paul Bartel film where a Hispanic hustler named "Roual" collected the bodies of murder victims and sold them to a dog food manufacturer. (It was King Dog Food, I think. Arrrffff!) At the end of the movie, his accomplices murder him and serve him up in a casserole as they dine with a real estate broker who's going to help them buy a new business...a resturant.

"Ummm" , he says as he chows down and smacks his lips hungrily. "Is this French?"

"No,"says the wife. "It's mostly Spanish."

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