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Originally Posted by ilbegone View Post
You're right, and I agree 100% with you.

But I'll tell you what the argument is going to be from the other side, and sadly it has some validity due to the culture change starting with the kids born in the late 70's - not the least narcissism delivered to schoolkids with the "you're so special" and everyone gets a trophy routine, then they grow up and become parents who essentially ignore the kids for a decade. That is, until the kids become unmanageable and it's too late. Drugs and alcohol figure in too.

Lots of kids don't have breakfast regardless of how monied or not the parents are, and that brown bag lunch might only have a bag of chips.

I'll tell you right now about how screwed up our society has gotten with all those young men who live with a woman who works and provides for them while they hang out smoking pot and playing video games all day. The kids come in a distant third.

What's going to change it all? Will the system have to be overloaded until it implodes, or is there a viable way to fix it before that happens? The politicians aren't going to fix it.
Yes, you're correct. There were plenty of times that I woke up late and didn't have time for breakfast, or didn't make my lunch or forgot it. But, that was my responsibility and I was the one who was at fault. I didn't expect someone else to make up for my mistakes. And what I learned by going hungry was that it was not a pleasent feeling and if I didn't want to be hungry in the future, then I'd better pay attention in school so that I'd have the skills to get a job and buy the food I needed.

The thought that a kid should never go hungry is BS. If humans never felt what it was like to be hungry they'd have little encentive to provide for themselves and that lesson needs to be learned at a young age.

I'm just glad that I didn't grow up with these entitlement babies. They're in for a huge shock when they realize the pantry is empty.
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