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Originally Posted by Rim05 View Post
I wish I could hire at least four people to help you. We all know the position of the police. They are so damn lazy, they would rather quiet you so they can ride around and smile at the UFW members.
This is some of what we had when we were in the Streets here in So Cal. We could not set a foot off the side walk and the Animals could yell any thing at us....and they did .Now will some one tell I cannot call some one an Animal?

The officer tells you that you are out numbered, well don't we all know that? I can't tell you how long I I have known that. One time when we were in down town LA, I was standing no more than 10 feet when I spotted an officer filming US.

Thanks for doing a good and lonely job. Anyone out there want to help AG?
You're so right Rimo, AG needs some help. I seems as though everyone is frozen in place and only want's to watch. We can all see why somethings are happening, this is a perfect example of it; because no one is stepping up at the local level. It seems that everyone is working the political angle and expecting our politicians or the Tea Party to represent them. But as you heard on one of those videos, the politician was promoting the illegals and telling them he understood how hard it was and was in their corner.

I'd love to organize some street level activism, but who would show up? Ask yourself that. If anyone would actually step up and dedicate some volunteered time, and actually follow through with it, I'd work on a rally or protest. But it's the follow though that I wonder if it will happen. Just saying isn't preforming.

AG could sure use some help, any help. Hello!!!!
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