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Default SOS Protests United Farm Workers At State Capitol

The United Farmworkers Union tried to flex a bit of muscle at the state capitol today, and SOS was there to kick a little sand in their faces. The rally they had started at 9:30 at a local park, but didn't get to the capitol until 12:30. I got there a few minutes after that with a small sign that read:

I was immediately engaged by two or three cops who said they had concern for my safety, and mentioned that I should look around and see that I was outnumbered. They also insisted on my ID, which I did comply with, but only because I do want them to know who I am, and that I'm not afraid of the ID boogeyman. I also warned them that a lesser man might sue them over a violation of the 4th amendment.

Next, we have Darryl Steinberg, senate pro-tem, walking directly by us and an illegal vendor. I felt compelled to point out the underground economy right in front of the state capitol, and his own uppity nose

But a few moments after Darryl walked by, he was up on the stage pandering to the poor downtrodden farmworker

And lastly, after one of those "we were here first" types came over and started yelling at me, several cops and CHP moved in to...get this...threaten to arrest me for...get this...what I was saying (1st amendment speech)
Not only did they threaten to arrest me for exercising a constitutional right, but also tried to insult my intelligence several times. I stood on both principle and legal precedent this time. What gets me is that the other guy was the one who came over and started the BS, and he was ushered away. I didn't challenge the guy to a fight or anything, but it's me they spend all their effort on. Not to keen on these cops right now. Also pointed out the illegal vendors twice, but got no response from them on it...nothing

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