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Default Show Us The Money!

Where are the funds, and how much are/were there?

Everyone must know by now that when an illegal alien or other worker who uses a false or stolen taxpayer ID to obtain employment, the taxing agencies eventually discover the mismatch, and then send a letter to the employee and the employer advising of the mismatch. For the worker, the letter is referred to as a "run letter", or basically, you're caught, now get out. The employer is supposed to demand they supply proper tax ID or terminate the employee.
But there is a byproduct of all this, and that is in between the time the employee gets hired and then quits or is fired, he has funds withheld for taxes and SDI and such that are not usually claimed or refunded to him. The federal government takes this money and places it in what they call the "suspense file".
But now there's also another byproduct, and that's the taxes that the State of California and SDI that are withheld but never claimed. In the cases of illegals, and California has by far the biggest amount of illegal aliens working under false taxpayer ID's, there are untold millions that are never remitted or refunded to the employee, mainly because they have fled to avoid being caught by immigration. So the question is; what is the state of california doing with that money? As far as I know, it is not a state asset. Theoretically, it should be an unclaimed funds issue. So is the money sitting in a bank somewhere, or is the state silently using it to shore up its' ailing pocketbook. The second question is; How much is it approximately? Millions or billions? It's definately more than thousands, because we've had two decades of illegal workers in the very least, and by our government's probably underestimate, there are around 2 million illegal workers in California. Doing the math, 2 million people having a conservatively estimated 25.00 per month withheld from their paychecks every month would give us an estimated 50 million a month x 12 = 600 million a year. Multiply that by 10 years and you come up with 6 billion dollars.

But we don't want an estimate; We want the numbers. Save Our State has set out on a quest to obtain the records and information about how they handle these funds. Initially they declined the request, based upon a privacy issue, however that soon failed upon some details such as whose privacy would we be invading. There's no one to claim privacy if the illegal has fled. Now we are being bounced back and forth between taxing agencies in an attempt to pass the responsibility on to anyone else but them. We're getting closer though, and short another denial, I think we're only weeks away from discovering an inconvenient truth.
The quest is a simple one right now. Just show us the records. We don't need to know anyones' private information, tax ID numbers or addresses. Just the amounts the state is either skimming off the illegals who abandon their withholdings, or how much the state is sitting on in some accounts somewhere that could be used to stave off any tax increases. Better yet, let's use it to shore up the unemployment fund for legal workers who have been unemployed in favor of illegally present ones. What better justice could be served in a monetary sense? After all, it is illegal worker's fault that legal ones are unemployed in the first place
Keep this on the top of your minds fellow SOS'ers, for this is one of those projects that may beg for a street protest soon.
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