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Default About This Section

Some of the posters who frequent this section may be restricted to this area only due to frequent or profound violations of posting or forum use rules.

NOT EVERY USER NAME IN HERE IS A RESTRICTED USER. Other users may have responded to restricted users or restricted postings before or after they were moved to this section.

In addition, restricted posts or posters may have the restriction lifted after altering their postings or posting manner, and return to the unrestricted use of the forum.


This section of the forum is not to be misconstrued as a free for all where RESTRICTED USERS or any users for that matter can escape the forum rules. Its' primary use is as an educational tool to encourage civil exchanges on the forum, and help misguided users follow forum rules and corporate guidelines. Continued violations of posting rules, if serious enough, even after being restricted to this area may trigger a review of the User's account for removal from all further publication, or re-registering. It is not our intent to silence those with opposing views or those who believe that there has been some miscarriage of justice by the staff here. But some manners of expression that offend the sensibilites such as profanity, pornographic, or vile images may be censored to protect underage viewers or those that may be repulsed from our entire publication by that type of media.

This section may also be used by the SOS staff to point out profound examples of views and statements made on this forum by people who are not representative of Save Our State's standards or agenda, or by those who stand violently and subversively against the United States, The State of California, and any codes and laws enacted by its' citizens under democratic process to govern fairly and openly