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Originally Posted by Kathy63 View Post
Examine your statement a bit.

When was the last time you saw a group of white folk come out in support of the KKK or skinheads like you see minority communities come out in support of the WORST criminals among them?

Minorities aren't responsible for criminals who share their ethnic or racial identity but they are ABSOLUTELY responsible for their OWN behavior in supporting these criminals.

Why did the Christian/Newsom killers get such support? Why did the black community in Long Beach threaten the city until the gang that beat up those white girls was released? Why did Tookie Williams get a televised state funeral?

Can you see whites supporting Timothy McVeigh? Ted Bundy? Any criminal based on skin color alone????

No. Because that would make us sympathetic to the worst among us. By legitimizing and accepting such behavior we'd be no better than them.

You can count on the fingers of one had the black leaders who speak up. And you can count them ALL slapped down again by their own people.
Kathy you make a very good point. As I wrote before, you can not change bad behavior until you recognize it and be honest about it.
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