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Originally Posted by Kathy63 View Post
No. What I'm saying is that if these criminals are NOT representative of their communities, they better start DOING something about it. Like identifying those among them who are and dealing with it. Since there is this HUGE silence, except when it comes to excuse making and reason finding, this kind of behavior has found acceptance in these communities on some level.

Certainly it has not escaped you that this cop killer is being hailed as a hero. Why is that? Because to them he is a hero. IF there are some among them that think he is not a hero, where are they?
I don't think it's incumbent upon members of a minority group to seek out and identify others in that group who are continually breaking the law. That would be like racially profiling themselves. Should white people identify criminals in their communities and make a point of telling other ethnic and racial groups that "We're not like them!" Minorities are no more responsible for criminals who share their ethnic or racial identity than anyone else.

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