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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
I'd encourage you to get that looked at. This started out for me with just very minor hearing loss. Just kinda felt like it was "plugged up" from time to time. If it's intermittent, it could signal things to come. It also doesn't bode well that you're having both hearing loss and vertigo. As it was described for me after my first serious episode of vertigo, they called it a classic escalation. they can give a hearing test to monitor and chart the condition. Certain sounds will aggravate it or go first. They can also give you a balance test, although that can be hell...or not.
I guess I left out the fact that I haven't had any episodes of this in about 15 years, so I don't really feel the need to get this checked out at this time. I still have the hearing loss and slight imbalances, but this is hardly my biggest problem right now.

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