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Originally Posted by Twoller View Post
But the reality is that not all hispanics in the US got here by crawling accross the border. And what got hispanics classed as an underclass was the misplaced designation of hispanics as a racial classification. Hispanics no more deserve a racial distinction in the US than the Italians or the Scandinavians. Notice that middle easterners are not considered a race legalistically in this country. And I would say that African Americans have some rights to claim some entitlements. But nobody else, at least nobody else distinguished as a race and certainly not African immigrants or black immigrants from outside the US or any of their descendents.
Twoller, we're pretty much in agreement again. I'm just not sure about the entitlements you think "African Americans' are entitled to. I think the whole Affirmative Action thing has outlived its original purpose, and even though the playing field may not yet be level, many of those who claim they're entitled to things for that reason will never be willing to acknowlege that the playing field is level when that comes about. At some point every traditionally disadvantaged minority group has to accept that life isn't completely fair and play the cards they're dealt. I know that's easy for me to say as a white male, but other minorities have achived great success by keeping a positive attitude and realized their full potential through hard work and a refusal to accept a victim status.

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