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Originally Posted by Jeanfromfillmore View Post
Well I would agree with you that much of what the Blacks are experiencing is quite different from someone who just crawled across our border. But some things are a problem that society as a whole has created. I say this because of three generations of welfare recipients and the damage to so many as a result. It has created a feeling of entitlement, lack of responsibility and a continued underclass which has now become an acceptable lifestyle and enabler for illegals. The Blacks and Hispanic are two different demographics, but they do share some common problems, along with other ethnics to a lesser degree.
But the reality is that not all hispanics in the US got here by crawling accross the border. And what got hispanics classed as an underclass was the misplaced designation of hispanics as a racial classification. Hispanics no more deserve a racial distinction in the US than the Italians or the Scandinavians. Notice that middle easterners are not considered a race legalistically in this country. And I would say that African Americans have some rights to claim some entitlements. But nobody else, at least nobody else distinguished as a race and certainly not African immigrants or black immigrants from outside the US or any of their descendents.
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