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I do wish we could become more active in any kind of activities. That includes going to city council meetings and EVERYTHING CONCERNING SCHOOLS. Encourage those you know to do something, teach them the things you know in a friendly manner.
Sacramento seems to be the hot bed of protests these days instead of SoCal. The opposition throngs can still be organized in LA by the opposition today at the whim of our Invaders.
Life does change so, I know some people are now unemployed,have moved away, have children, have married and, have street retired. Just, please, don't give up.

Everyday, I listen to something new that is changing, and it is never for the better for us.

I listen to the politicians screaming about what they will correct and change. Just remember, they are pandering for your vote only. Once elected they will do what they want. They are on their way to wealth. You are the only one who can stop/change that.
Good luck in any and all you do.
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