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Originally Posted by americafirst View Post
Yesterdays State of the Union speech, as pointed out by Roy Beck, did not have the following words...
"DREAM Act" or "legalization" or "comprehensive immigration reform."
This was made possible by all of the SOS hard work through the last years,now spreading across America.
At this point, I think more of our work should be on E-verify and enforcement.
Based on my own recent experience, people are ready to hear the real story on this issue and not be blinded by the labels.
Any SoCal rally is a good one as it lets the public know they are not alone in the way they see things now. Some of these people might have been unsympathetic in the past. The last few years have made it a little easier for the average LA resident to rethink illegal immigration.
This should be a great time to add members! With better weather now,I am looking forward to be out there with all you guys.
Thank you for the words of encouragement.
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