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We are entering a very important phase on our cause right now. House leadership is changing so everyone thinks 'Great, now we will get something done'. I am not so sure, remember, the new people are still POLITICIANS.
There was something in the LA Times the other day about how the newcomers might be shaped by Washington rather than the newcomers shaping Washington, when idealism is confronted by various political realities.

There has to room for compromise, or nothing at all will get done. The California legislature is a perfect example of that sort of problem, where legislation of "SHOW OFF YOUR GAY PEEK-A-POO DOG DAY" is vastly more important than an unsustainable budget crisis.

On the other hand, I believe the various electorates actually have had enough that if election promises to the population which elected them - on any side of any issue - are not kept, the mob will be out with sharp knives next election cycle.

Events in Los Angeles will attract media attention because it is in Los Angeles as opposed to the IE. What is needed is something that will put border security back on the media's radar. We need something radical and new. We can no longer have the same old protests and counter-protests were each side screams at each other. The media has seen this, and it won't excite them.
There has to be found a way to get around the media. The media in general is very sympathetic to the illegal alien cause, I believe the incessant drum beat in favor of the illegal population is toned down only because of the current audience climate - it's hard to generate circulation and viewing loyalty (ultimately sales and profit) by publishing "downtrodden immigrant" stories with unemployment of the average citizenry in such numbers.

But face it - the only stories the media are going to present concerning anti illegal immigration functions will be slanted and accusatory.

If all the things being tried by LaRaza the days does not inspire all of us to do something, I don't know what it will take. You are seeing all those who were counting on the Dream Act passing digging up the illegals who want a college education so they can then run for public office.
They have to dig up a certain percentage of those who have gone on to higher education to to present the propaganda. What isn't being done by the media is revealing the outrageous drop out rate of "Latinos", and the fact that there is no distinction being made between "Latinos" who are citizens and those who are illegal.

No amount of money is going to improve education results for the majority mentioned until reality is faced and admission as to why those problems exist.

SB1070 was in deed a the type of catalyst that was needed in order to re-energize this movement.
There may be a indeterminate lull in time concerning bodies present for anti illegal immigrantion functions, but the fact that so many states are legislating SB 1070 copy cat laws after the fact of and in the face of the Department of Justice Lawsuit against Arizona says something about the concerns of the general American population.
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