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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
Yes, the majority of us believe she should be charged for perjury and fraud for having used fraudulent documentation, and after serving a short sentence, deported penniliess back to mehico where Gloria can send her a bill for services. We should also investigate Whitman to see if there was any mis-doings on her part, and if there were, a public disclosure along with fines and possibly a little community service alongside a freeway in east LA

No, I haven't a clue what the non-resident tuition is in Davis, but tuition doesn't pay the way entirely. Higher education gets a big chunk of the tax dollar these days.
Non-resident tuition is substantially higher than the tuition for residents, and is essentially calculated as the true cost (without the government support), plus a premium. The CSU and Cal State systems like admitting non-residents because it is very profitable.
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