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Originally Posted by Beaner View Post
Well, we should not be financing education for foreigners. I paid for my brothers to go to college. Have you ever seen the non-resident tuition at UC Davis? While it was painful, these guys are geniouses when it comes to growing wine grapes.

So how about that ungrateful beach that worked for Meg Twitman? Her ass should have been sent to Tijuana yesterday. This state is going to hell... As for Gloria Allred, it would be great if a couple of my old homeboys taught her a lesson in a dark alley. Maybe she wouldn't pander to the invaders anymore.
Yes, the majority of us believe she should be charged for perjury and fraud for having used fraudulent documentation, and after serving a short sentence, deported penniliess back to mehico where Gloria can send her a bill for services. We should also investigate Whitman to see if there was any mis-doings on her part, and if there were, a public disclosure along with fines and possibly a little community service alongside a freeway in east LA

No, I haven't a clue what the non-resident tuition is in Davis, but tuition doesn't pay the way entirely. Higher education gets a big chunk of the tax dollar these days.
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