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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
The courts have already interpreted disturbing the peace violations in relation to 1st amendment speech. Simple exercise of speech, even that which is offensive to others, is still protected. If I was loud, so were they, and they were using electically amplified sound; I was not. My speech was aimed mainly at the public, and that turd who came over was willfully disturbing me then.

No! These cops were out of bounds with their threats in relation to my speech and my rights.
Perhaps you misinterpreted me.

The cops were entirely out of bounds, they are used to dealing with people who don't know their rights.

If they did arrest you and you didn't know your rights, they might get away with false arrest as well as an attempt by the DA to force you into a plea bargain were you essentially plead guilty in exchange for your freedom. Then they have their claws in you and you can't take it back. And if you don't have an attorney to cut through the crap they will grind you up.

I was in that sort of situation before, I've described it several times.

Not meaning to wear it out...

In 1994 I was framed in San Bernardino County on a 3 year felony charge by a non - LEO individual who knew how to work the system. I was arrested, and my apartment searched without a warrant. I spent a month in jail with $250,000 bail waiting for I didn't know what. The "Public Pretender" the court furnished me informed me that he didn't know why they were holding me because they had no evidence, but I could take a plea bargain on a lesser charge and walk that night. Otherwise I would remain in jail until a trial was held. He obviously didn't care either way.

Having served on a jury, I felt that a trial could be a crap shoot. If I were convicted, I would lose my very good long term job as well as spend three years in jail, and since all my possessions were either in storage or a rented apartment, I would have nothing left but the clothes I was arrested in if I were to be found innocent. If you can't pay your rent because you're in jail and can't take care of business, they sell everything you left behind - including the vehicle in your parking space.

Besides, nothing will change the fact that by pleading to a lesser charge, in the eyes of the courts, Law enforcement and just about everyone else I plead guilty to the original charge, and there were easily violated probation terms to keep me on the hook.

That's how the DA gets a high conviction rate to parade before the voting populace, by shoving plea bargains into frightened people's faces who don't know their rights and have no resources to access legal backing with some teeth. As well, the prosecutor also doesn't mind lying to the defendant to get the accused to accept a plea bargain when the prosecutor doesn't have a case, which may work if the defending attorney is incompetent, uncaring, on the judge's payroll, or all of the above.

The pro illegal immigration activists have gotten to the generally protected status they have precisely because they not only became aggressively politically active, but they created resources to punitively sue police officers and the governments who employ them for violation of civil rights. I believe that's exactly why those cops treated you the way they did, they have been conditioned by the courts to take the side of the so called "downtrodden".

I believe that there should be likewise protection for anti illegal immigration activists.
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