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Default Coupon Code Weekend

Coupon Code Weekend

almost a year ago, I wrote a quick little thread about the "Coupon Code". Basically that code says that if you go out and spend money somewhere, your wife or significant other expects you to honor the coupon code and check to see if there is a coupon first. Whether it be fast food, or just a trip to the grocery store, always honor the code, or face the stern looks for not doing so. The fair maiden here, is a coupon High-Priestess, so chances are good there is a coupon in possession for whatever craving you are having, or wherever you are going.

This weekend, she organized a coupon getaway; To lake Tahoe no less. A nearly half price beachfront hotel, with "buy-one, get-one-free" dinner on the pier, and two free breakfasts at the same. Then another "buy-1, get-1 free" dinner at a different place, also beach-front. She does a marvelous job saving coin, all the while squeezing them for the best they have to offer, including the complimentary bottle of wine.
Anyway, we stayed right on the ground floor, and within a popcorn kernel's toss from the water. Nice clean place with pool and free ice, as well as a fireplace that kept us warm and cozy in the night. The restaurants weren't black tie, but you'd never know it from the prices. We ate pretty well on coupons, and slept that way too. I think the trip cost us about $130.00 US per night, and we brought an ice chest full of home stuff for our lunches/snacks. We had one breakfast on sunday at Ihop that was not in that bundle, and sadly, we had no coupon for this time.

The restaurant was located at the beginning of this long pier, and what amazes me, California being home to a zillion and a half personal injury lawyers and all, is that this pier has no hand rails anywhere. Just a long drop to water not deep enough to even break your fall. How they keep inebriated patrons, kids, and elderly from wandering off the ends or sides is almost baffling in this day and age. The lake is low, so the pier has to be long to reach the deeper water. Until the very end, the water is quite shallow. (ankle deep to knee deep)

There was one minor setback, as a couple had catered their wedding on the beach that evening, only a few feet from our door, and their DJ music carried on for a couple hours after dark. We went for a walk on the beach to get away, and that seemed to cure it.

On the way there, we encountered very few people. This is the last weekend before the big one, so it was fairly quiet, with very nice weather. A little cool at night is all, but days were sunny warm with slight breezes. The fair maiden stumbled upon what looked like a quarter in the sand, but upon further inspection, it was one of those old tokens from Shell gas, where you got one with the American president's head for each fill-up of 8 gallons or more. I think they were issued back in the early 70's?

The fair maiden's silhouette in the setting sun:

A little farther and we came across a sizable group of youth hanging out. Youth, at this point in my life, is 16 - 24 year-old's. One girl had a hula-hoop, and two males had juggler's pins. They had built this little sand sculpture too. All just hanging out in the near dark, not spray painting graffiti or getting drunk. It was like we stumbled across some of Jesus's young disciples.

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