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Originally Posted by tedd69 View Post
I really doubt I will be allowed to profess my opinions around here, but let’s give it a whirl. I don’t think the people on this site can hang with me

I've got to tell you, like the people on this site, Mormons are very passionate about their beliefs too. I find it interesting how the immigrants of this great nation (the English, the Scottish, the Irish, the Italians, etc.) always seem to include God in their political aspirations, as if God would really give a flying Ratt's behind whether America Succeeds or not. Not to mention, was Jesus a Racist? Would Jesus tell someone to leave his country because of his or her ethnicity? You’re the ones that profess God so often. Please, do tell…How did American get so stinking arrogant? Not to mention, blind sided and ignorant about the bigger picture? We all come from the same race, are all on the same globe, all having this human experience together. Hello?

I also find it interesting how people like this Bob Keller Fellow find it so Important to say things like: "God bless America" after spouting off a bunch of lopsided non sequiturs concerning the down fall of society because of immigration.

In case you have not noticed, it is an insult in the Mexican/Latino community to be unemployed, they come here and make jobs, not to mention do a lot of jobs most people really don’t want to do. Especially all the well to do “anti-immigration people” in a city like Santa Clarita… Don’t you find it ironic that even your town has a Spanish name? The Spanish too have been heavily involved in blatant racism and murdered and plundered many Indian people (not to mention raped and procreated with many of their women). The Indians were here first people, they were here first.

Get it?

You’re the immigrants, not the Mexicans.

All your imaginary lines (borders) and imaginary superiority concerning race and ethnicity is ignorant, like the Mormons. I was raised in Utah, and I know what blatant and retarded racism is all about.

Your country was built on immigration whether you want to believe it or not…. If it was not for immigration there would be no America.

Thanks for your time,

Theo Hirsch
How many wives do you have? Do they all share your bed at the same time or do you only have so much room for them. Why not pile them one on top of the other, you wouldn't want to discriminate by not having room for every one at the same time.

And by the way, I'm an atheist so you're description of us as a whole just doesn't fit. But I don't criticize those that want to put god first before other things. It's people like you that profess 'your god and your way of thinking is the only real god'. Go put your magic underwear on and go pray for yourself. And by the way, why won't you let anyone but your own people in your temple? Are you a racist? Or do you and your religion just discriminate against those who don't think exactly like you do. I guess there's an imaginary border line at the entrance of your temple. Talk about discrimination, your church practices it to the max.

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