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Originally Posted by ilbegone View Post
To some, freedom of religion means the freedom to persecute people who don't agree with them, and further degenerates into persecuting targets which are easier to nail. IE: politically correctness.

I don't watch Duck Dynasty, but it's obvious that the wrong target was selected - the corporate bottom line (advertisement revenue) speaks loud and clear as to what's acceptable by the viewership of individuals (who watch the program) who are tired of having agendas forced down their throats. However, if it were the mid size business owner down the street...

It worked in the 60's with Frito Lay and the Frito Bandito and has worked until now, but maybe that form of of coercion is losing its ability for the perpetually offended to bludgeon others over inconsequential bullshit.
I also do not watch Duck Dynasty; I don't get A&E in my cable package. And most people know I have no religious affiliation, and no one has forced me to attach to one. But this attack on Christians not only here but throughout the world is horrible. Christians have been a moral compass for mankind and we as a country have profited greatly because of their beliefs and guidance. Not all of the Christian undertakings have been good, but the overall guidance Christianity provides so many has had, and continues to have a positive impact on society. I hope Christians throughout this country stand up to the attacks being thrown at them. I can't imagine what this country would be like for so many without its guidance. I sure wouldn't want to live in a country that wasn't Christian based.
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