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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
Good News,

I haven't been very active lately due a troubling glitch in my recovery. I had a birthday last month, and that triggered a driver's license renewal. Didn't think that would be a big deal, but it turned out that Meniere's Disease can disqualify a person from renewal. I send in my renewal and they sent back a letter demanding a current DOT physical before they would process it. To get past the DOT examiner, he demanded a letter from the treating physician that I wouldn't be restricted from driving. I had to go back to that specialist and get current on my treatment and condition. All that has taken about 8 weeks. I obtained the documents and passed my DOT exam today!

I wanted to go out with the mobile billboard during all of this recent amnesty talk, but obviously that wouldn't have been a good idea with a driver's license in limbo. They might let illegals off with a ticket, but I'm thinking they might just seize the truck and trailer in my case.
Now I still have to raise some funds to get back out there. One step at a time

PS: Even if your license is out of date for a few days, many businesses and government officials don't want to accept it as ID. I had to renew my passport during this period, and the post office didn't want to accept my license because it was one week past the valid date. Be forewarned. Just because illegals get by without ID, doesn't mean bureaucrats and public officials extend the same courtesy to citizens.
I'm glad to see you back.

Do you have a class 1 license? Otherwise, how did the DMV get wind of your illness?

Personal experience: There is twice that I was not in possession of valid government issued picture id, even though I had a valid right to drive. It took some time to get the card, and it really screwed me for employment or doing any sort of business.
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