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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
No way am I going to say or do anything that looks supportive of Naui. That guy is rodent droppings. Jeff may be a jackass, a fool, a loud foul-mouthed snarling careless dolt, but I still cannot fault him over Naui, especially when that little trolling chihuahua was getting in the faces of Americans getting on their feet on the streets.
I've said this before, and I'll repeat it again.: loyal Americans come first and foremost where it concerns the battle for control of immigration laws, even those loyal Americans I don't like. I don't ever discourage any loyal american from getting on the streets protesting for our cause. Even that cockroach nightingale. My revulsion for her is known far and wide, but I have never said she or schwilk should stop protesting or rallying in the immigration arena. In fact, most of my criticism leveled at her during her campaign and before it had to do with her sidetracking or trying redirect the effort towards her own self-aggrandizing schemes. But no way would I tell them they shouldn't be getting on the streets with a protest sign in our favor.
Yes, she makes me nearly vomit when I see her prancing on a stage all made up like a 12 year old who broke in to her mom's cosmetic cabinet, but she doesn't do that for our cause. Did you ever seen her dress that way for SOS functions? I may be revolted by the site of her in drag like that, and disgusted by her misuse of our effort, but I would not tell anyone she shouldn't even pick up a protest sign against illegal immigration.
I chastise her, I call her a liar, fraud, dishonest, manipulative, deceitful conniving megalomaniac, but no way would I discourage her from protesting these invading, self-interested, racist, underground, cheating, job theiving illegals and their supporters!
I call her a liar, fraud, dishonest, manipulative, deceitful conniving megalomaniac
Jeez Davi, lets not beat around the bush

My point is, he lost his cool and that is ammunition that can easily be used against the movement as I so delicately demonstrated. I understand why he lost his cool.... he does not know how to lead nor does he understand the issue, when presented with a little pressure..Everyone know Naui is a joke..

There are allot of examples on the internet of people losing there cool or being out witted by people like Naui. You don't like Naui because he makes the movement look bad. When he does so, he wins.

Public perception is what matters if you want to win this war. The problem with most street protest are they are ineffective because they are not being used tactically. When you invite counter protests all eyes are on you...don't become media fodder or a recruitment tool for the opposition. When people get too emotional and fail to use the grey matter between your ears, they lose...The opposition knows this and will always use it to their advantage. Instead of calling Naui names, barking out pyscho orders, he should have taken the time to calmly explain the protest, the purpose, and its goals. Discuss fiscal problem and how it affects every tax payer..

This Shwick idiot gave Naui, the bullets, and the gun. He might as well have thrown up a surrender flag and left...but he obviously is to ignorant to understand that he lost.

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