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This is too much, Gregg Imus, thinks he can give orders to because his boss wants it done. We are crazy? I could point out a lot of crazy people and they are not here.
Joe Turner is his friend and he has stood with him. Great! I call Joe a friend and I have stood with him many times. So why bring Joe into this. Crazy!

This is what politics does to people, give them a bucket to carry water and they think they are important. The guy has demonstrated that he has no manners or respect for others.
Who cares about his orders.

Jeff has told him about Davi and what a horrible person he is Jeff needs mental care so we can give him some slack, I guess.

If Chelene is now the Governor of CA who is Jeff, her Attorney General? I could guess who the Lt. Gov is but I will not say. Hey, who is the treasurer?

This is what politics does to a person, they go on a power trip.
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