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The problem is not telling people who came from Mexico to return or of walking on eggshells by not doing so, the problem is telling people who's families may have been here for generations, or even just one American born generation, to "go back to Mexico". It doesn't matter what flag your ideo-politicall opponents are waving because in many ways you lose every time you do so. No one has to, but it helps to work within present realities. Much of their goal is to provoke you into doing something they can exploit.

The bigger problem is not the people right in front of your face at rallies, and illegal foreigners roaming around the nation are just a symptom of the American disease. Consider all that circular, distractive blather about whether or not a wall can be built on the border, or the feasibility of deporting 12 to 30 million people. No one, including Trump, ever talks about employers who hire illegals and rarely of the notable percentage of illegals AND visa bearing entrants who DON'T come here to work or of the government employees and politicians who aid, abet, enable and fund them all.

I can't really cite sources for the thought in the following paragraph, it's like realizing that even though no one has written about the fact that when the 1882 Chinese Exclusion act came into being there were suddenly lots of Chinese appearing in Mexico to work on American owned industry and lots of Mexicans, who themselves personally were never here before, were suddenly recruited from Mexico to work on railroads and other projects in the US. It was like an unwitting international exchange program.

I believe that the Chicano movement of the 1960's and '70s, and what it's morphed into today - with it wearing a Mexican mask and turned backwards sombrero, originated in the deportations of the 1930's via youngsters born in the US who didn't fit into Mexico, who were harassed and even persecuted for the Mexican sin of being Americanized and eventually returned to the US where they didn't exactly fit in either.

Furthermore, there wouldn't be any Mexican cartels smuggling drugs and trafficking people across the border if weren't for American citizens who exchange money for drugs. Consider that illegal migration and drug smuggling on the southern side of the border is nearly 100% controlled, those who try to cross the border illegally without forking over some cash to or otherwise benefitting the local controlling cartel usually cease to live. In one form or another, migration flow is mostly about money and many means to many ends.

In my respectful estimation, until Americans meaningfully confront and successfully put on their heels => AMERICAN EMPLOYERS OF FOREIGN LABOR OF ALL TYPES AND ALL LEVELS OF SKILL AS WELL AS AMERICAN POLITICIANS AND AMERICAN GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WHO MAKE THE FOREIGN TSUNAMI POSSIBLE <=, to exchange insults on obscure street corners with often obscure people who look like and pretend to be "Mexican" will be like popping a small fart in a brisk wind. There will be little to no effect except dispensation of slander, whatever slanted media attention it garners will soon be forgotten with new tabloid coverage about some inconsequential scandal sensation and therefore no change. The source needs to be addressed, not the discharge end point and that begins with politicians figuratively being dragged out of their offices by the heels with their heads bouncing off the steps.

One last observation: most people don't understand that local politics matter. Everyone complains about the vermin populating Washington DC, but those rats originated elsewhere - the cockroaches were bred locally and then went national.
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