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Trump has at least the managerial experience to do the job. He's got financial savvy, and he's more of a public figure than Obama was when he made his first shot at the whitehouse. Personally I don't care if he's a volatile, foul mouthed, rich kid with no government experience. I WANT CHANGE, and the change we got with obama wasn't change at all.; it was more of the same corrupt BS we've had for years, with less restraint. We ain't gettin' any change with Rubio, Bush, walker, romney, bloomberg, fiorina, or anyone else I can see yet, and Cruz hasn't lit a fire big enough to cause enough people to warm to him.

These other republicans REFUSE to accept our message. The dems refuse to acknowledge there's a problem. They are just not ever going to let us in. I say Trump is the revolt we need at present, for if we don't, the republicans are just going to be covered over with immigrant voters in a couple more elections anyway.
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