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Default Some Of Nightingale's Friends Question Her Sanity Over Recent Post

This was a less than clever attempt to use what political and personal recognition she has to promote the latest financial scheme she is involved in, but it looks to be backfiring on both counts. She has suggested that TEA Party unite with Occupy. This "affluentry connection" is a scam of course. It's a new digital media twist on an ages old pyramid scheme. you sell people the tools they need to market media that you get the digital equivalent to royalties on. The principals behind this "company" has already worn out his welcome on his previous company, and has since changed his name, both company and personal, so he could start anew. His old name....Brent Miller. His new name Gospel Jackson

Gregory Danelz How about with a company that doesn't use satanic symbology in their logos? Btw, people of the freedom and liberty mindset have nothing in common with tyrannical occupiers, thanx.
14 hrs

Mc Krusty Occupy are basically far leftists. While Tea Party are Conservatives and some are Libertarians. I don't see these two groups meshing.
14 hrs

David Glazer Chelene have you lost your mind? Tea Party with Occupy Commies? Ain't happening

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