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Maybe it can be stretched and then more than likely beaten back with a lawsuit...

Several key things here:

It's been around since 2011 so it's hardly a secret bill. It won't be like the Sacramento legislative process where a bill is brought up in the afternoon then gutted, rewritten and passed in the middle of the night without benefit of public scrutiny or legislative review.

It has to do with a posted, cordoned off, or otherwise defined restricted area.

The person has to knowingly cross into a restricted area to purposefully impede or disrupt function of government, or impede or disrupt entering and exiting.

A further provision has to do with bodily harm or the ability to inflict bodily harm with the restricted area with a weapon.

It doesn't seem to me that it is much different than informational picketing at a business or legislator's office, and that revolves around public access. The public parking lot is fair game, as is the public sidewalk in front - so long as traffic and pedestrians are not impeded or threatened.

It is also trespassing to go into the building or fenced off portion of the property, and it is a further crime to assault and harm someone after trespassing. And it would be wise to not construct signs in such a manner that the handles could be construed as weapons.

None of this seems to me to deny protests at political speeches so long as the guidelines are complied with. I think it has more to do with people who believe that "civil disobedience" is defined by yelling a bunch of incoherent crap inside a meeting to disrupt governmental process.
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