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Originally Posted by Borderwatch View Post
Suggestion I received in an email

We need to suggest we start emphasizing the Americans killed by illegal aliens. The Shaws are having some event on the anniversary of Jamiel's death on March 2. I think it involves speaking at the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting - it was so good to see them there!

Maybe at the next one we could plan a special segment devoted to the killings to publicize the number of killings! There are so many deaths and no one keeps track of ALL of them. Especially for the Tea Party people, it would be a way to educate those who know nothing about the killings - which is most Americans.
Robin Hvidston wrote:

Excellent photos! It was a great rally -
Thank you for the suggestion. We will discuss it seriously and see what and where we can apply those idea. Can we call on you for more advice in regard to doing this?
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