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wetibbe 01-03-2015 10:59 AM

Power stuff coming.
Lot's happening.

We will see if the tide turns soon to change the course of history.

But first:

California drivers licenses. It has been a see saw between my friends in California and my friends in New York to see who is the most dysfunctional.

Lamentably I concede - YOU win. Knowing Immigration laws intimately, as I do, California cannot amend Federal Law. Prior. Further the Federal law provides for serious, big time punishment for violations. Eric Holder attacks any LEO who goes after illegal aliens but zips it up and sits on his/their hands when this cabal stray off the reservation.

How can I say it: Unfair, criminal, disingenuous, duplicitous, corrupt, embarrassing, __________________________ ad infinitu=im .......

__________________________________________________ _____

John Holder:

Time for him to go:

Today is January 3, 2015. Voting January 6th, 3 days from now. That will be Tuesday next.

Check this link for more update info............

wetibbe 01-07-2015 03:10 AM

Fizzle - again.
Big Boner still in.

What are they up to ???

It's going to take some intense contemplation to unmask the Republican game plan - that is - IF there is one!

When congress has a 9% favorability rating, what can we expect except more of the same.

It's looking like all of the potential Presidential candidates will roll over and let the Latinos have a bienvenido.

Those dedicated Republican Congressmen with common sense are apparently seriously outnumbered by more liberal comrades.

And how can we reconcile this with the hugely successful takeover of Senate and Congress by Republicans.

Well, for starters, the PEOPLE voted for the Senators and Congressmen while Congressmen voted for Boehner.

Looks like some kind of disconnect between the will of the people and the contrary entrenched Republican representatives.

Best answer is to throw more of the bums out and elect more new faces.

wetibbe 01-20-2015 10:44 PM

Is it burn out ?
Hi Folks:

It's been a while since the last post.

Seems to me that John Boehner has flip flopped quite a bit lately.

But it's generally the same old, same old. Everyone belly aching and pulling in 6 different directions.

I didn't watch Obama's speech last night. It's a complete waste of time for me.

Here on the East Coast everything is just about as usual for the course. Lots of meaningless blather and dissention.

The preferences for next President continue to languish in the doldrums. Yawn !

But on the bright side my investments are showing appreciation/increases. And the price of a gallon of gasoline is now under $2.00 per gallon in New Jersey.

Texas oil/gas well drillers are cutting back and stacking rigs. Crunch time with oil field unemployment looming ever larger.

But here's a hot tip. LNG liquid natural gas is coming on strong and silently. It's absolutely showing signs of a massive increase in infrastructure and profitability. I don't make investment advisories but this one seems to be silently blossoming into a fantastic opportunity in the near, and far, future.

wetibbe 01-24-2015 02:15 AM

More !
Lots of incidents. Too many to mention here, A virtual deluge or excellence of events.

One mentionable is the absolutely astonishing change in Senate/Congress attitude these past few days.

I'm playing catch up so I don't have a good handle on the rhyme or reason of these changes. Only observing the shift for the good of our people and the apparent common sense emerging at last.

wetibbe 01-25-2015 12:03 PM

This is not a frivolous joke. Take it deadly, seriously.

But first let me say that I have not, as yet, sifted out the diatribe, fiction, chicanery.

In the past 24 -, 48 hours the media reports have shifted from questionable, at best, to reasonable, cogent, believable, conformant with laws.

I have not, as yet, analyzed the shift, but I have some theories. In the interest of prudence I will keep them to myself pending a more opportune time to elaborate.

There is much more coming that is beneficial.

Rest assured that YOUR teams are very vigorously active and doing due diligence to protect our country.

wetibbe 01-29-2015 11:37 PM

Ho hum, more of the same old, same old.
Loretta Lynch, nomine for Attorney General to replace Eric Holder.

Going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

It isn't productive to get rid of one bad apple when the WHOLE barrel is rotten.

I have a somewhat differential philosophy. Let her get appointed, anyway. The more of these pathetic, dysfunctional radical liberals the merrier. She is sure to antagonize and offend more and more Americans. Hopefully she will be worse than holder.

By the time the 2016 elections roll around she, and the rest of the cabal, will have so seriously antagonized the majority of Americans that it will be a lop sided shoo in for a Republican candidate.

Patriotic Army Mom 01-30-2015 06:59 AM

That sounds like a winner. I dread seeing the news any more. Our Border Patrol will probably get sent home too. Those guys must be furious.

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