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Ayatollahgondola 07-30-2011 09:56 AM

Save Our State Update
My fellow SOS faithful,

The month of july has been a quiet one for our activism. This is not because we have no interest, but rather that July is a traditionally slow month for us, and the state legislature is out of session. In addition many other entities such as county supervisors are in recess for the summer. Add to that, the federal budget fiasco has captivated the nation and is a tough competitor for people's attention. Financial contraints have also played a part, as when it's normally quiet like this, we often turn to the mobile billboard just to keep a presence, but fuel and maintennance funding are nearly non-existent right now.
August is nearly upon us though, and when the statehouse is in session again we will be rallying our causes as often and as powerful as our resources permit. Of course the federal budgetary turmoil can profoundly affect our plans, but regardless of the outcome, SOS will still press on, even in the face of poverty or government pressure. As long as we can walk, write, mail, and speak; we have a method to relay our messages and make an impact on our government.


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