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Group Membership Options
Group Membership Options

SOS has created membership groups to give opportunities for different levels of participation in the organization. Most of these groups are publicly joinable, and you can request to join them by using Your Control Panel option. Find the link at the top left side of the screen that says:
User CP
then run down the menu list to the left and find a sub-heading called Networking
Look for Group Memberships in that category, and click that.
Once you go there, you'll see your primary group, and secondary if you have any, and then you'll see options to join other groups if you want to participate in them. Clicking on them to request membership doesn't always mean there's openings, and the committees have to accept or approve them, but we are young, and hope to grow, so it is likely your help is needed somewhere.
Right now we have the following publicly joinable groups with their basic descriptions, and upon joining them, the titles would appear beneath your name if you elect them to be displayed:

Save Our State Supporter
Supports Save Our State's effort and agenda

Save Our State Associate
Agrees with SOS Corporate Statement. Abides by SOS rules and guidelines when associating with the organization
Profiles in Courage Committee
Chooses persons, groups, and organizations for the Profiles in Courage section of the forum

Save Our State Management
Participates in the management of Save Our State

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