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Ayatollahgondola 01-07-2012 01:05 AM

Glenn Spencer - The Embodiement Of Resistance
You all must know Glenn Spencer by now. Founder of American Border Patrol, American Patrol Report, and one the primary actors in the early days of the movement to control illegal immigration. The man has lived and breathed resistance to the foreign invasion via "immigration" for decades. This man is a demi-god to many of us who have followed his exploits in the movement and his ability to have weathered the propaganda of our enemies. One of my favorite quotes from him back in 2001 or so, came to me again via my recycling brain activity, and is ever so applicable today as it was back then:


Continutation of on-going debate..
Spencer: We'll give it to the Gabrielones Indians.
Mexican: Let me set you straight man...
Spencer: This is the United States of America, this isn't Mexico.
Mexican: This is all going to be down and brown and you guys can all suck my dick.
Spencer: All down and brown, huh?
Mexican: You too at home, suck my dick. (Real Audio)OBSERVATION BY GLENN SPENCER
Since it is increasingly clear that Americans don't have the courage to stand up to this invasion, I suggest you prepare to do what he says.
Visit American Patrol:

Visit American Border Patrol

wetibbe 03-10-2012 07:35 AM

Can't say too much.
I can only offer a little bit of information. However, there is a lot of communication going on.

First here's the link to the video:

Not to detract from the Sonic Barrier we should acknowledge that it isn't an original invention but rather the development and refinement of various systems over the years. Boeing's system was a billion dollar flop. Texas has a system in place, operating for a long time now, that is similar in concept -

I think that what Glenn and Mike have done is build a better mouse trap.

If readers want to communicate with Glenn:

Glenn Spencer - President
American Border Patrol
2160 E. Fry Blvd. #426
Sierra Vista, AZ85635

If readers want to communicate with Senator Allen:

Sylvia Allen, President Pro Tempore
Senate, 1700 W. Washington
Room 310
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Here's the State of Arizona Border Fence website:

Just a heads up. This is a little bit premature so it is best to wait. However, there may be coming soon an Arizona Armed Militia composed of volunteers. Possibly a $100 per day per diem for food and lodging. But no compensation. It's still to early to tell but if it does happen it will be run by the State. I know the feelings about MCDC Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and the other Minuteman Project. This will be different and trustworthy. Initially I think the 300 man volunteer corps may be composed of law enforcement and veterans first, but nothing is definite as yet.

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