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11-03-2013, 10:16 AM
Greetings to all associates of Save Our State,

I have been meaning to to advise you all regarding my general absence of late, however I've been quite occupied up here in a personal sense.

A few months ago, I developed some strange symptoms that knocked me down for a day, and then left some recurring problems that limited my activities. I consulted the usual medical professionals associated with this, and as it turned out, it was not as temporary of a problem as I'd hoped. I had to make some changes in my lifestyle, and I'm a little less secure being active in the manner you've all come to expect of me out in the field during events. I'm going to refrain from divulging the diagnosis here, simply because although I've developed a problem, I still plan to gain my footing and begin pursuing the agenda here at SOS again, and it would probably be best if I didn't point out any weaknesses that might be used against me during events. Suffice to say that the will is still there, and I'll find a way to be effective out there.

Unfortunately, the above was not the only factor contributing to my absence lately

Shortly after my own problem surfaced, I took a trip with my wife to Yellowstone National Park, and during several hikes to various peaks and waterfalls, she developed some chest pains. These pains persisted after we returned, and she consulted a few medical professionals. In the scope of a couple days, it was determined she needed immediate heart bypass surgery, and she made the decision to go forward with it while she was still in the hospital ward where they performed the tests. As many of you may already know, this is quite an invasive procedure, and the recovery requires a great deal of work and aid. Needless to say, I have been with her every step of the way, and continue to be so. This has, of course, limited my involvement and activities for a time on SOS matters. It isn't in any way the end of that for me though. My wife is projected to make a good recovery and even resume her duties at her work in a few months. I will slowly re-inject myself back in to the driver's seat of our efforts here, and hopefully make up for a bit of lost time. I was in the midst of several projects, and I hope to pick them up soon.

I thought it best to bring everyone somewhat current, as it will reduce any concerns that the movement is languishing over one more organization going quiet. I don't see this at all out there, what with Robin Hvidston, Brandy Baron, Frank Jorge, the Shaws, and many others still pressing forward, and even new people picking up the stick out there. SOS will be a contributor again soon.

Best wishes to all, and keep fighting!


Davi Rodrigues
AKA AyatollahGondola

Patriotic Army Mom
11-04-2013, 10:31 AM
You both are in my prayers. Take it easy and heal we will be here waiting for you.