View Full Version : SOS To Lend Mobile BillBoard To "Save The Delta" Campaign

07-20-2013, 04:16 PM
Fellow SOS faithful,

If you have been watching the news lately, you may already know that the Brown administration is pushing forward on a major project to build two gargantuan tunnels to suck water from the Delta and direct the water to almond and other growers, as well as water barons who will sell it to developers. A grassroots campaign to stop these tunnels is underway, whith one non-profit, Restore The Delta, leading the charge.

Recently, Restore the Delta was distributing signs and people were erecting them on their property along the highway to oppose the tunnels. Cal-Trans personnel removed the signs without notification, and tresspassing in the process. The state agency cited different and conflicting laws in justification.

Some of the landowners affected by the sign removal asked to use the mobile billboard during a parade in a fair being held next weekend, and we have agreed to lend it for this purpose.
Save Our State has always stood up for first amendment exercise, and this tunnel project is very undesirable to our own agenda. It is likely that we will lend the billboard to them in the near future as well, since the tunnels project is advancing in spite of public disapproval

For more information about the delta tunnels project, you can visit this link: