View Full Version : Stocks Rocket Up After Congress Raises Taxes

01-02-2013, 07:40 AM
In a deal said to prevent major economic collapse, a huge block of tax increases was approved by congress and signed by the president. In a nearly simultaneous response, the DOW spiraled to new heights signaling the pleasure investors had over their cut of the new deal. One thing is painfully obvious to me, and that it that the investors couldn't be happier that the taxpayers were going to be fleeced by the feds, and that in turn, wall street would be the beneficiary of the federal government's soon to be acquired wealth. The reality of what just happened to the American people couldn't be much more transparent, unless you are totally blind, dumb, or apathetic. Wall street can't make it on its' own. It is dependent on the American taxpayer's loss to keep itself afloat. If you still have faith it the concept of independence and free enterprice, you should also accept that it is ONLY faith and not reality at this point. This "fiscal cliff" scam was nothing more than a big damn propaganda ruse to prepare the populace for another big bite of their money, and yes, even the middle class.
I'm quite disgusted, not only with the whole of the deal, but also that the media still uses the result to beat down the republican party, when the Democrats voted in far superior numbers for this deal. Your double disgust is warranted whether you are a dem or a rep, because the media and the white house is choosing the scape goat. You should be very afraid that one party that voted in less numbers to take your money is being held as the bully. Propaganda is the real villain, and it sets the stage for future losses of your freedoms, independence, and wealth. If you still have any of the latter.