View Full Version : Federal government workers among Obama's top campaign donors

10-02-2012, 12:16 PM
Federal government workers among Obama's top campaign donors

The government's got President Obama's back this election cycle.
According to fundraising figures compiled by The Center for Responsive Politics , federal government employees and their families are among the top contributors to Obama's campaign. They were listed as having donated $396,550 so far, making them the fifth-biggest contributor to his re-election bid.
Though Obama is drawing heavily from the government he heads, the president is also enjoying big support from academia.
The top campaign contributors, according to the center, were employees with the University of California system, who put up more than $700,000 for the president's re-election bid. Elsewhere in academia, employees of the president's alma mater Harvard were also top donors. Employees at the University of Chicago, where Obama used to teach, put up $227,525, according to the group.
On the other side of the race, Republican nominee Mitt Romney's top contributors have come largely from the banking sector. Employees of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley, in that order, were listed as top Romney donors this year. Together, those workers contributed nearly $3 million to the Romney election push.
The figures refer to donations by employees and their immediate families, and not the organizations or employers themselves.

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