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01-11-2012, 02:26 PM
Concentrated, directed sonic waves have been used in practical applications by military and law enforcement venues recently with great success. Right now it is less than practical to use as a personal defense arm, but research and development could improve the chance of that. Here are a few articles in relation to that:

The Spirit was in extreme danger and a few of the ship's crew tried to wash the attackers into the sea with fire hoses. But it was a new high-tech weapon that allowed Captain Pedersen to escape the floating villains with only minimal damage to his vessel. In charge of ship security was a fearless former Gurkha -- the elite soldiers from Nepal in the British army. It was he who used a futuristic sonic cannon developed by the Pentagon to send the pirates packing.

Hellishly loud

Until now, it wasn't widely known that the US Defense Department was sharing the so-called Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) with commercial cruise ships. The weapon is essentially a small dish that beams hellishly loud noise that is deafening but not lethal. Weighing 20 kilograms and as big as a TV satellite dish, the device looks deceptively harmless. But once trained on its target, it blasts a tight beam of painful siren-like sound.